The ARRI Orbiter is an ultra-bright, tunable, and directional LED fixture from ARRI. All systems in Orbiter are completely new and designed with versatility in mind.

Changeable optics is the core innovation in Orbiter. With a wide variety of optics to choose from, Orbiter transforms into the perfect light for your application without sacrificing beam, output, or colour quality. The Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) in Orbiter allows for optics with vastly different properties to be connected to the fixture.

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Key Features

Optical System: Changeable optics
Light Aperture: 42 mm / 1,66", without optics
Beam Angle: 80° Half Peak Angle, without optics
Colour Temperature Tolerance: 3,200 to 5,600 K: +/- 100 K (nominal), +/- 1/8 Green-Magenta (nominal)


Fixture only: 11.7kg

ARRI Orbiter

From: £275.00

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