A revolutionary piece of technology that combines all on-camera systems into one compact unit. With an easily adjustable Film Plane Offset function, this system offers a variety of camera mounting options. The Ultrasonic Base Sensor UBS-100 is a key feature of this package, providing a 14 degree field of view and a maximum range of 35 feet (10.6m) in RANGER mode, and up to 130 degree angle of view and 120 feet (36.5m) maximum range in BUG and HANDSET modes.

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Key Features

Power: 9 – 30V DC
RF: Ultra low power, 2.4 GHz ISM band*
Construction: Milled aluminum and Delrin (horns)
Ultrasonic Frequency: 40kHz
Ultrasonic Sampling Rate: 1 MHz
Rangefinder Range: 1 feet – 35+ feet (0.3 – 10.6+m)
Connectors: Power-2 pin LEMO (Arri Standard)



FocusBug Cine RT System

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